Verification of Radiotherapy Permits at Bali Mandara Regional Hospital, Bali Province and Primaya Hospital Tangerang
Kembali 21 Desember 2023 | Berita BAPETEN

BAPETEN, through the Directorate of Licensing of Radiation Facilities and Radioactive Materials (DPFRZR), carried out Radiotherapy Facility Verification activities at the Bali Mandara Hospital, Bali Province in Denpasar City and the Primaya Hospital Tangerang Hospital in Tangerang City in parallel on 18 – 21 December 2023 regarding permits for radiotherapy operations and applications for Approval of Design Modification Results at the facilities radiotherapy. Verification activities in Radiotherapy Facilities aim to ensure that the addition and operation of new aircraft modalities in Radiotherapy activities are declared safe for the safety of workers, patients, the community and the environment, where the Verification Team ensures that the designs built comply with safety standards through calculating the design of radiation-protecting buildings and main equipment , supporting equipment, human resources, and operating procedures for these activities have met radiation safety and source security requirements.


The inspection team headed by the Director of DPFRZR BAPETEN, Ishak with team members Ahmad Maulana, Dewi Lelyana Mahari, Sulistiyoningsih and Naufal Alif Syarifuddin carried out verification at the Bali Mandara Regional Hospital, Bali Province for applications for additional radiotherapy aircraft using Bebig Saginova brand Brachytherapy aircraft with Co-60 radioactive source. Meanwhile at Primaya Hospital Tangerang, the inspection team headed by the Coordinator of the Health Facilities Licensing Function Group-BAPETEN Iin Indartati with members Made Pramayuni, Herry Irawan, Yaya Umaya and Lilis Misnawati carried out verification for the Shinva Type XHA600E Linac aircraft.

The scope of the onsite inspection includes document and technical checks for the suitability of the design of the built facilities and the adequacy of the thickness of the radiation barrier in the radiotherapy bunker, ensuring the performance of the main equipment and supporting equipment, carrying out radiation exposure measurements and dosimetry testing and ensuring the flow of patients and the ability of personnel to operate the Linac and Brachytherapy according to standards.

From the results of the radiotherapy operation permit verification, the Hospital is committed to completing the findings submitted by the BAPETEN team within a certain time limit. The smooth running of the verification activities is supported by the Hospital who follows and welcomes the progress of the activities until the end. Any deficiencies are considered as input and technical advice towards fulfilling radiation safety in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

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For Bali Mandara Regional Hospital, Bali Province, the addition of Brachytherapy aircraft will improve superior services and serve as a referral hospital for patients in the Eastern Region of Indonesia so that treatment for Indonesian people in the Eastern region can be carried out optimally.


Meanwhile, for Primaya Hospital Tangerang, with the superior service of Linac aircraft radiotherapy, it is hoped that various cancers can be detected and treated early, complications can be minimized, and patient recovery and the life expectancy of cancer sufferers will increase.


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