Technical Guidance for Introduction of TPD and Si-INTAN in Yogyakarta
Kembali 23 Agustus 2023 | Berita BAPETEN

BAPETEN through the Assessment Center for Radiation Facilities and Radioactive Material (P2STPFRZR) held Technical Guidance (Bimtek) for Patient Dose Data Information Systems (Si-INTAN) and Patient Dosage Reporting Practices for Mammography and Radiography Modalities on 23 August by inviting Hospitals and clinics in D.I Yogyakarta and its surroundings as well as health facilities in other cities by online system. The implementation of this technical guidance is a routine program held by Bapeten to increase the contribution of reporting dose data from public health facilities in Indonesia through Si-INTAN.

The first agenda is filled with the opening from the Health Assessment Coordinator Rusmanto, he said that as long as Si-INTAN cannot be accessed, Bapeten will provide guidance to health facilities so that they can still contribute actively by filling in Si-INTAN manually as a determination of the Diagnostic Guideline Level (TPD) for radiography and mammography. Then in relation to the BAPETEN Award, it is stated if it has won 3 (three) times in a row with the same category marked for priority facilities which will be issued within 1 (one) day. He was also added that this event was an opportunity to provide input to Bapeten for the improvement of working system.

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The first presentation on the Introduction of TPD and Optimization of Medical Exposure was conducted by Endang Kunarsih and Ida Bagus Gede Putra Pratama who explained among others the basic understanding of medical exposure, radiation dose management, regulatory basis, several modality developments including fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, diagnostics, general radiography, radiography teeth and mammography.

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Bapeten manually fills in Si-INTAN by paying attention to registration, profile updates, modality data input (among them are brand, model, dose indicator, conformity test date, accuracy test deviation value, certificate, modality type), radiation output data input, input patient dose data and output report. This session was also used by the participants to ask the presenter about filling out this manual form.

The activity was closed with a discussion and question and answer with participants as well as thanks from BAPETEN, because the active contribution of health facilities will help maintain the safety of patients as well as workers. (Ra/Sn/BHKK)

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