Socialization of Prevention and Control of Gratification/Corruption and the Role of the Family in Supporting the Eradication of Corruption
Kembali 19 Desember 2023 | Berita BAPETEN

The Internal Auditors of BAPETEN held a Socialization on the Prevention and Control of Gratification/Corruption and the Role of the Family in Supporting the Eradication of Corruption at the BAPETEN Office, December 19, 2023. This activity was held to commemorate World Anti-Corruption Day (Hakordia) and also Mother's Day.

The event began with a report from the Head of the Internal Auditors BAPETEN, Hery Santoso, who said that the corruption eradication program had not been effective, for this reason it was necessary to carry out socialization on corruption eradication like this. "This must be done by all elements of society and all government agencies, including BAPETEN," he said.


Acting Chairman of BAPETEN Sugeng Sumbarjo in his opening remarks explained the steps to control gratification or corruption with Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE). "BAPETEN also received awards from various agencies in the management of its duties and functions, this shows our commitment to preventing and controlling corruption in accordance with applicable regulations," he explained.

The activity continued with a presentation from the speakers, namely Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) Titi Eko Rahayu regarding the Role of the Family in Efforts to Prevent Corruption. After that, it was continued by Corruption Eradication Analyst at the Directorate of Community Participation Development at the Corruption Eradication Commission, that presented by Qilda Fathiyah, regarding Controlling and Preventing Gratification or Corruption.


This activity was attended by Deputy for Licensing and Inspection Zainal Arifin, Acting Deputy for Assessment Nuclear SafetyDahlia Cakrawati Sinaga, BAPETEN Primary Officials, Dharma Wanita BAPETEN and all BAPETEN employees as well as external invitees namely KomnasHAM, National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia, National Cyber and Crypto Agency, Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports and BNPT.


It is expected that this event can strengthen efforts to prevent and control gratification or corruption and build an anti-corruption culture for each individual at BAPETEN. [BHKK/Rb/Da]


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