Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Justification Regarding the Provisions and Criteria for Portable X-Ray Aircraft for Dental Radiography
Kembali 11 September 2023 | Berita BAPETEN

In order to study and evaluate the justification for the use of ionizing radiation sources, BAPETEN held a Focus Group Discussion (FDG) regarding the Justification of terms of Use of Portable X-Ray Aircraft for Dental Radiography in Bali, on September 11, 2023.

The event was opened by Taruniyati Handayani as Head of the Centre for Regulatory Assessment of Radiation Facilities and Radioactive Materials (RFRM) (P2STPFRZR) - BAPETEN. In her speech, Taruniyati said that the FDG activities were based on the large number of sales and use of portable dental radiography X-ray Machines that did not have permission from BAPETEN. It was then added that all portable X-ray equipment for dental radiography entering Indonesia must be justified first before obtaining permission from BAPETEN and being used by the user. The FDG activity was carried out in a hybrid manner which was attended by representatives of professional associations (IKARGI) and the Collegium, Importers or vendors of portable dental radiography X-ray aircraft, the Indonesian Medical Physicists (AFISMI), and the Indonesian Association of Radiographers (PARI). The Head of P2STPFRZR hopes that this FDG event will get alot of input and comments that can support the justification for this portable dental radiography X-ray machine.



The activity continued with a presentation and discussion moderated by Iswandarini. The first presentation was by Rusmanto as Coordinator of Health Assessment who presented material on justification for the use of ionizing radiation sources. The second presentation was by Titik Kartika as Intermediate Radiation Supervisor who presented material on the safety criteria for portable X-ray aircraft for dental radiography. The third presentation by Dr. Drg. Haris Nasutionto, Sp.RKG (K) represented IKARGI and the collegium who delivered material regarding IKARGI’s readiness to support the supervision of portable X-ray aircraft for dental radiography.



Some of the challenges that arise in this FDG are the possibility of use by unauthorized people, use in open areas or in rooms without adequate shielding, the possibility of instability in the position/direction of illumination due to hand movements, the possibility of moving the tool from one location to another, movement ownership, general dentist have never been taught or trained to use portable X-ray, the adequacy of the use of a registration certificate (STR for personnel permit requirements, permission to use portable X-ray in dental and oral hospitals (RSGM), and others.

During the discussion session, objections were expressed regarding restrictions on technical specifications, especially minimum current strength parameters, and the potential use of portable X-ray for routine examinations. Then it was also discussed about portable X-ray which are limited in their location of use and portable X-ray do not replace fixed or wall mounted X-ray, so that in the end it is necessary to arrange portable dental.



At the closing session, Runi Handayani said that further bilateral coordination is needed with professional associations, importers and justification applicants to strengthen the concept of using portable dental X-ray. BAPETEN will issue a legal instrument regarding the provisions for the use of portable dental X-ray aircraft containing safety provisions and technical specification criteria. (P2STPFRZR/Sudrajat/BHKK/Ra/Ratubian)

FDG materials and documentation can be accessed at the following link:

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