Development activities for Dynamic Records Management of Work Units and Socialization of the Use of the SRIKANDI Application
Kembali 01 Maret 2024 | Berita BAPETEN

Referring to the Decree of the Executive Secretary of BAPETEN Number 0304 of 2024 dated February 16, 2024, on the Formation of a State Archives Rescue Team within the Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency, as well as instructions from the head of the Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency Number 005 of 2023 on the implementation of the Integrated Dynamic Archives Information System (SRIKANDI) application. On Friday, March 1, 2024, BAPETEN hosted an online socialization activity for the use of the SRIKANDI application, which was attended by Protocol Management and Administration, archivists, and work unit PICs.

This socialization aims to advance the implementation of SRIKANDI to support archive management and electronic-based government governance; prepare to supervise the National Archive of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) internal and external archives; and raise awareness of orderly archives among all BAPETEN employees.


The opening remarks by Kuspriyanto, the Head of Protocol and Administration, stated that "BAPETEN's archives unit would like to provide a specific view of the duties and roles of fellow archivists and colleagues who are assigned as work unit archives PICs and maintain the value of BAPETEN's archival supervision in 2023, receiving a score of 95.36 (ninety-five point three-six) with the 'AA' (Very Satisfactory) category."


This coaching socializes the duties and authorities of archive managers based on BAPETEN Executive Secretary Decree No. 0304 of 2024 on the Formation of a National Archives Rescue Team in the BAPETEN Environment, as in the material presented by the Head of Administration Subdivision, Deputy PKN Rinasari regarding Development of Dynamic Archives Management to Archives Human Resources within the BAPETEN environment, saying "This activity is to increase competency and knowledge insight regarding the management of dynamic archives in the central file processing unit to comply with archival principles, rules and standards, in the context of saving the State Archives resulting from the implementation of BAPETEN's duties and functions related to monitoring the use of nuclear energy as material for performance accountability and proof of responsibility in social, national and state life, as well as identity and collective memory of the nation".


In addition, a presentation was given on dynamic archive management mechanisms in the work unit's central files, beginning with filing, data collection, structuring, and services for using archive information, as well as archive depreciation, beginning with transferring archives that have entered inactive retention to the Archives Unit Records Centre.

Trianto Setiawan, Head of Administration Subdivision, submitted the next material on the socialization of the use of the SRIKANDI application for sending and receiving official letters between ministries and institutions.

The presentation concluded with an evaluation and recommendation for dynamic archive management within BAPETEN to improve future performance. (BOU/GAYATRI/GP)

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