BAPETEN II Working Meeting for Fiscal Year 2023
Kembali 23 November 2023 | Berita BAPETEN

BAPETEN working meetings are communication forums in institutional management in the form of direction and information regarding policies, programs and activities relating to the implementation of the Institution function. This working meeting hopes that participants will be able to know the policies, directions and management plans for challenges, programs and activities. Program Strengthening. The working meeting will be held on Thursday, 23 November 2023.

The event began with a report from the Head of Bureau of Planning, Information and Finance (BPIK), Achmad Bussamah as Chair of the Committee, who reported that the 2nd Fiscal Year 2023 Working Meeting was attended by Middle High Officials, Primary High Officials, Head of Education and Trining Division and Coordinators within BAPETEN, aims to improve coordination of monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of activities and the budget for 2023 and preparation for the implementation of activities and the budget for Fiscal Year 2024.


The event was opened by Plt. Chairman of BAPETEN Sugeng Sumbarjo, in his opening remarks conveyed several things, such as the issuance of Law No. 20 of 2023 concerning ASN which, places leadership models such as:

1. Implementation of ASN Values with AKHLAK (Service Oriented, Accountable, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive and Collaborative)

2. Independent in making decisions and actions based on regulations, knowledge and experience.

3. Systems thinking and able to handle organizational learning obstacles (I am my position, enemy out there)

4. Digital Mindset: Implementation of SPBE, Digital Emergency Conditions, development schemes and application development.

5. Adaptive, flexible and agile performance management and work systems.

Apart from that, Plt. Chairman of BAPETEN also said that the Draft EBET Law and the Revision of the Nuclear Energy Law would open up opportunities for challenges of Nuclear Energy Supervision in Indonesia.

On that occasion, the presentation continued with the direction of Plt. Chairman of BAPETEN regarding "Opportunities and Challenges", including related to macro conditions and Gap analysis of BAPETEN Function and BAPETEN's challenges in the future.


At this working meeting, several presentations and discussions were presented such as "Realization and Prognosis of 2023 Activities and Budget, Equality Working Unit" by the Head of Bureau of Legal Affairs Cooperation and Public Communication (BHKK) Indra Gunawan, "Realization and Prognosis of 2023 Activities and Budget, Working Unit Deputy for Licensing and Inspection" by Deputy Chairman for Licensing and Inspection BAPETEN Zainal Arifin, "Realization and Prognosis of 2023 Activities and Budget, Deputy Chairman for Nuclear Safety Assessment Work Unit" by Director of Regulation of Nuclear Installations and Materials (DP2IBN) Haendra Subekti, and "Delivery of Implementation Policy Fiscal Year 2024 Activities" by Executive Secretary BAPETEN Sugeng Sumbarjo.

This meeting presented a resource person from Bappenas, namely Deputy Chairman for Human Development, Society and Culture of Bappenas Amich Alhumami who presented and discussed "Delivery of the 2025-2045 RPJP and 2025-2029 RPJMN". [BHKK/SP/RB/OR]



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