BAPETEN Holds National Radiotherapy Coordination Meeting
Kembali 16 November 2023 | Berita BAPETEN

Directorate of Licensing of Radiation Facilities and Radioactive Materials BAPETEN held a National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) for Radiotherapy in the context of coordinating with interested parties and providing guidance regarding Nuclear Energy Supervision, especially Radiotherapy Licensing on 16 November 2023 in Jakarta.

The National Coordination Meeting was attended by agencies holding permits and prospective radiotherapy permit holders, the Plt. Chairman of BAPETEN and the Deputy Chairman for Licensing and Inspection of BAPETEN, with resource persons from the Ministry of Health, BRIN, PORI (Indonesian Radiation Oncology Association) and AFISMI (Alliance of Indonesian Medical Physicists).


Also present were Internal BAPETEN Head of Bureau of Legal Affairs Cooperation and Public Communication, Plt. Director of Regulation of Radiation Facilities and Radioactive Materials, representatives of the Directorate of Inspection of Radiation Facilities and Radioactive Materials, representatives of the Directorate of Technical Support and Nuclear Emergency Preparedness, and representatives of the Bureau of Planning, Information and Finance.

The National Coordination Meeting Implementation Report started the National Coordination Meeting which was delivered by the Deputy Chairman for Licensing and Inspection-BAPETEN, Zainal Arifin, which was followed by the opening of the National Coordination Meeting by the Plt. Chairman of BAPETEN, Soegeng Sumbarjo. "Coordination and collaboration are needed in nuclear energy supervision, if the regulatory provisions are clear then they can be used as a reference, whereas if the regulations do not accommodate them (their dynamic nature), then a common sense approach can be used by considering safety and security aspects," said Sugeng.


Acting as Keynote Speaker at the National Coordination Meeting was the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Kunta Wibawa Dasa Nugraha. Kunta Wibawa said that the Ministry of Health has developed radiotherapy and nuclear medicine services, "including through reform of health human resources with equal distribution, reliable quality, health technology reform in building digitalization of information through big data medical records," said Kunta Wibawa.

"Also referral services for 5 diseases (heart, cancer, stroke, uronology and Mother and Child) and strategic collaboration involving various institutions are expected to be able to build reliable radiotherapy services," added Kunta Wibawa.

In the morning session there was a presentation on "BAPETEN Policy in Supervising the Use of Ionizing Radiation Sources in Radiotherapy" by Zainal Arifin, Presentation on "Health Transformation through the Development of Radiotherapy Services in Indonesia" by Aswan Usman as Director of Health Services-Ministry of Health.

Presentation on “Government Regulation (PP) no. 45 of 2023 concerning Safety of Ionizing Radiation and Security of Radioactive Sources and Plans to Change Bapeten Regulation No. 3 of 2013 concerning Radiation Safety in Radiotherapy" delivered by Aris Sanyoto as Plt. Director of Supervision of Radiation Facilities and Radioactive Materials - BAPETEN, which was followed by a panel discussion of all participants regarding regulations and technical requirements for buildings, facilities and infrastructure for health equipment in hospitals.

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Meanwhile, in the afternoon session, a presentation was delivered on "Strategies for Increasing the Number and Distribution of Dr. Radiation Oncology Specialist in Indonesia” by Soehartati A. Gondhowiardjo as Representative from PORI; Presentation on "Strategies for Increasing the Number and Distribution of Radiotherapy Specialist Medical Physicists in Indonesia" by Supriyanto Adjo Pawiro as Chair of AFISMI; and a presentation on "Methodology for Calibration of Radiotherapy Output and Calibration of Radiation Measuring Instruments by BRIN" by Mohammad Subekti as Director of Nuclear Energy Facilities Management-BRIN.

A presentation on "The Role of the Health Equipment and Facilities Security Agency (BPAFK) in Radiotherapy Output Calibration Services and Radiation Measuring Instrument Calibration" was delivered by Roy Himawan as Director of Health Equipment Resilience and Pharmaceuticals-Ministry of Health, which was followed by a panel discussion of all participants regarding the distribution of human resources and calibrate the output of Radiation Measuring Instruments in radiotherapy services.

At the closing session, Zainal Arifin as Deputy Chairman for Licensing and Inspection expressed his gratitude for the participation and enthusiasm of the participants in the national radiotherapy coordination meeting, and invited all parties to take part in collaboration and cooperation for the successful use of nuclear energy. (DFPFRZR/Dwiangesti/BHKK/Bams/RB/OR)

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