RDP Commission VII DPR-RI with BAPETEN, BRIN, and BIG
Kembali 13 Maret 2024 | Berita BAPETEN

The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR-RI) Commission VII Hearing Meeting (RDP) with Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency (BAPETEN), National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), and Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) discussed several matters, including the evaluation of the implementation of Fiscal Year 2023 Activities and Fiscal Year 2024 Priority Programs, held at the DPR-RI building on Wednesday, March 13, 2024.

The event was opened by the Chairman of Commission VII, DPR RI, Sugeng Suparwoto. In his opening remarks, he said that each institution should explain the evaluation of the implementation of Fiscal Year 2023 activities and priority programs for Fiscal Year 2024.

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The presentation was started by the Head of BIG Muh. Aris Marfai, followed by the presentation by Acting Chairman of BAPETEN, Sugeng Sumbarjo, who explained the evaluation of the implementation of BAPETEN activities for Fiscal Year 2023 regarding Budget Realization and Strategic Output Achievements in 2023.

Further Acting Chairman of BAPETEN explained the 2024 Fiscal Year Priority Program, including details of BAPETEN Fiscal Year 2024 budget allocation, BAPETEN Fiscal Year 2024 budget posture, 2024 strategic activities and output. The Acting Chairman of BAPETEN was accompanied on this occasion by Deputy Chairman for Licensing and Inspection Zainal Arifin, Deputy Chairman for Nuclear Safety Assessment Haendra Subekti, Head of Bureau of Planning, Information and Finance, Achmad Bussamah, and Program Function Group Coordinator (BPIK) Cahyani Wahyuning Diah.

The discussion event was delivered by members of Commission VII DPR-RI raised topics such as that research related to nuclear at BRIN should not be lost, in the New and Renewable Energy (EBT) Bill, that all energy must have the opportunity, including nuclear energy. BAPETEN supports the existence of the first nuclear power plant by preparing supervisory infrastructure such as regulations and developing human resource competencies.

The conclusion of this RDP, among others, was that the DPR-Rl Civil Commission expressed its appreciation to the Acting Chairman of BAPETEN, the Head of BIG, and the Head of BRIN for the performance that has been achieved in the 2023 budget, especially programs that have a direct impact on society.And the DPR-RI Civil Commission encourages the Acting Chairman of BAPETEN, the Head of BIG, and the Head of BRIN-RI to be able to realize priority programs in the 2024 budget according to targets.[BHKK/DA/SP/GP]


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