Radiotherapy License Verification at Pertamina Central Hospital (RSPP) Jakarta
Kembali 24 Desember 2022 | Berita BAPETEN

BAPETEN through the Directorate of Licensing for Radiation Facilities and Radioactive Substances (DPFRZR) conducted onsite Radiotherapy Operation License Verification activities at Pertamina Central Hospital (RSPP) Jakarta on 21 - 24 December 2022. Verification as a condition for issuing licenses aims to ensure radiotherapy facilities, aircraft, supporting equipment, human resources, and procedures have met the radiation safety requirements for the safety of workers, patients, society and the environment.

The Inspection Team led by the Health Facility Licensing Function Group Coordinator Iin Indartati with inspectors Made Pramayuni, Yaya Umaya, Naufal Alif Syarifuddin and Lilis Misnawati verified the Versa HD variant Linac aircraft.

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The scope of the field inspection includes conformity to the design of the built facilities and the adequacy of the radiation barrier thickness in the radiotherapy bunker, ensuring the performance of the main and supporting equipment, carrying out radiation exposure measurements and dosimetry testing and ensuring patient flow and the ability of personnel to operate the Linac aircraft according to standards.

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From the results of the verification of licenses for radiotherapy operations, the Hospital is committed to completing the findings submitted by the BAPETEN team within a certain time limit. The smooth running of the verification activities is supported by the Hospital which participates in and welcomes the course of the activity until the end. Any deficiencies are considered as input and technical advice towards fulfilling radiation safety in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

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RSPP also considers that the issuance of the Linac aircraft radiotherapy license is in line with its mission, namely Value-Based Care supported by technology, education and research so that it can provide the best experience for patients in providing the best health services by prioritizing the needs of patients and their families. [DPFRZR/Dwiang/OR]

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