Indonesia-Russia Strengthen Relations in the Nuclear Supervision

As one the countries that ratified Nuclear Safety Convention, Indonesia is obliged to report national report of nuclear safety. Reporting the national report is considered as one of Indonesia’s commitments to nuclear safety.

In the 7th Nuclear Safety Convention which was conducted 27th March – 7th April 2017, The Chairman of BAPETEN, Jazi Eko Istiyanto, elaborated the nuclear safety report in the Country Group-6, Thursday (30/3/2017).

In his explanation, Jazi delivered various information related to the national nuclear policy as well as elucidated several missions of IAEA that have been implemented in Indonesia.

This elaboration was intended to show Indonesia’s progress in implementation of nuclear safety. IRRS Mission, Pre-SEED Mission, SEED Mission and EPREV Mission are the missions of IAEA in Indonesia.

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Jazi also elaborated the programs that have been conducted since the previous convention which focus on managing the effect of Fukushima Disaster, including Indonesia’s effort in increasing the national nuclear preparedness system through I-CoNSEP (Indonesia Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security and Emergency Preparedness).

Memorandum of Understanding was also signed between BAPETEN and supervisory body of the Government of Russia on ecological, technological and nuclear issues, Rostechnadzor, Friday (31/3/2017).

Several issues that highlighted in the Memorandum of Understanding are the development of regulations on safety, radiation, and security of the nuclear technology; development and implementation permit program; nuclear installation inspection and radiation facilities; development of regulations and supervision on mining and milling of radioactive mineral; and preparedness and fast response.

It is expected that by this MoU signing, both countries would be benefitted by the effort of developing regulations and supervisions of nuclear safety and radiation, knowledge-sharing, as well as capacity building by seminar, workshop, and training.(bho/zd)




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