IAEA Complementary Access Inspection in Indonesia
Kembali 13 Februari 2024 | Berita BAPETEN

Complementary Access (CA) is the authority that IAEA inspectors have to enter nuclear and non-nuclear facilities. The IAEA carried out CA inspections accompanied by BAPETEN, at the Ahmad Baiquni Yogyakarta Science and Education Area (KSE), on February 13, 2024 and the G.A. Science and Technology Area (KST) Siwabessy, Pasar Jumat on February 15 2024.

CA holds at any time, with written notification to BAPETEN delivered at least 2 hours before the inspection if the IAEA inspector is on site, or 24 hours beforehand if the inspector is outside the site. CA aims, among other things, to ensure that there are no undeclared nuclear activities, to carry out environmental sampling of special location environments, to solve problems related to the correctness and completeness of declarations and to ensure the status of decommissioned facilities and LOFs for nuclear material responsibility and control activities.

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The CA notification at KSE Ahmad Baiquni, was submitted by the IAEA to BAPETEN on February 9 2024, at 21.00, while the CA notification at KST G.A. Siwabessy, delivered during the CA implementation at KSE Ahmad Baiquni, with inspectors Denis Caron and Boonchawee Srimok. Several things are done during CA, namely visual observation or taking pictures, taking environmental footage, using radiation detection equipment and measuring equipment, using seals, counting items (item counting) of nuclear material, non-destructive analysis and/or checking/auditing records.

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In this inspection, the IAEA examined the function of several buildings, the research carried out, and related source materials at KSE Ahmad Baiquni and KST G.A. Siwabessy. The inspection has done smoothly with good cooperation from the facility. [DIIBN/Setiawan/BHKK/SP]


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