FGD Security of Nuclear Installations
Kembali 07 Oktober 2022 | Berita BAPETEN

Directorate of Inspection of Nuclear Installations and Materials (DIIBN) held a FGD related to Nuclear Installation Security, Tuesday (24/05). The FGD was also attended by Deputy Chairman for Research and Innovation Infrastructure of BRIN, Expert Deputy V Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), Director of Pamobvit Korsabhara Baharkam Polri, Plt. Director of the Directorate of Management of BRIN Power Facilities, Plt. Management of LABORATORIES, Research Facilities, and BRIN Science and Technology Areas, representatives from the Yogyakarta Science and Technology Area (KST), Bandung Research Laboratory, UPN Serpong Nuclear Area (KNS), Yogyakarta Nuclear Area (KNY), Friday Market Area, and Bandung Nuclear Area.

The event began with a direction from Deputy Chairman of Licensing and Inspection (PI) Zainal Arifin, and officially opening the event. He said that nuclear security is not only related to physical protection systems but also related to radioactive sources.



"The legal basis related to physical protection, the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials (CPPNM) and its amendments passed by Presidential Regulation. The obligations in the CPPNM include that each country must establish, implement, and maintain a physical protection regime for nuclear installations and materials," he said.



Indonesia has signed and ratified the CPPNM on 3 July 1986 with Presidential Decree number 49 of 1986, amendments to the CPPNM on 8 July 2005 through Presidential Regulation number 46 of 2009, so that Indonesia has an obligation to protect nuclear materials during domestic use, storage, and transportation as protect nuclear facilities.

Furthermore, the Zainal also explained efforts to improve the quality of nuclear security in Indonesia, including the existence of the IAEA International Physical Protection Advisory Service (IPPAS) Mission in Indonesia and the IAEA Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan (INSSP).



Meanwhile, Deputy for Research and Innovation Infrastructure BRIN Yan Rianto, was also present and gave a speech. He said that the challenges of managing nuclear security include the transition of BATAN to integrate into BRIN, implementing changes in organizational tasks and functions, human resources (HR) gaps, nuclear security, insiders and outsiders, the CWS (Co-working Space) program, and the location of nuclear resources in 4 Nuclear Areas. In addition, BRIN seeks to improve the competence of security human resources externally by cooperating with the US-DOE and internally with the implementation of technical guidance.

Through this FGD, invited participants are expected to be able to discuss related to the anticipation of insiders and weakening of physical protection systems in Nuclear Installations, fulfilment from the provisions of the Physical Protection System, both nationally and internationally, increasing awareness of nuclear security in Indonesia. [BHKK/IP/OR/RA]

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